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Cats In Need – May 2010 Update

TABITHA – Dumped and alone, 6 month old tabby female looking for a home.  This kitty was dumped in Walkerville.  She is sterilised and been in kennels since 2 April 2010.  No one has offered her a home. I’m so desperate to home her. Can anyone help ????  CONTACT HELLEN 082 412 3491










GINGER – I have a beautiful female Ginger cat who is looking for a loving home that will hopefully be her forever home.  My husband and I just bought a new house, and the previous owner had this cat, who she said “disappeared” before she could take her to the SPCA when she was moving out.  The cat returned the day after I collected the keys.
We haven’t moved in yet, as we are busy renovating – we go to the house after work to do some fixing and Ginger always appears when she hears us.  Being the animal lover that I am, I have been feeding her when I see her.
She has a deformity on right front leg, her paw never developed and she is quite mature (not sure how old), I don’t want to take her to the SPCA, as I fear they will put her down.  I would love to keep her, but my husband doesn’t like cats and we have 2 Bullterriers and they might kill her or chase her away (Reducing her to a street cat).  She is such a loving kitty!  I was quite shocked at her taking to strangers, as you know cats are very particular and often don’t like strangers.  But Ginger is so sweet, she only wants love & affection and rubs up on everyone who comes into the yard. 
If you stop rubbing her, she stands up against your leg and begs you for more.   Do you know of anyone that can take this beautiful sweet kitty?
Contact: Stephanie 074 218 8542
Tracy Fenton










FORA’S KITTENS – Three little  kittens were found at FORA’s  gate in a plastic bag (the tiniest little one did not survive).  The remaining 2 are doing just fine and will be looking for new homes, new names and a new life in 3 weeks time.  To avoid the rush – please call  foster Mom Amanda now on 0829689392 or mail
An adoption fee of R250 will include all vacs, deworm and sterilization at 6 months.

FORA's Kittens


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