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Escombe House Needs Your Help Please!

Louise’s story:

It all started when we received a call …  We have been through numerous scenarios, people promising all sorts of things so now we’re taking this route as, if we can get this put up, we can take care of the rest.  We have taken care, and will continue to take care, of any medical needs. As you will see from the photo’s, they were taken on 4th April … with help and loving care, the dogs look 1000 times better!
Ann is maybe in her late 50’s – she can get around ok.  Ann is the owner of the property and lives on disability pension which isn’t that much but, she gets by.  Jean and I keep going there to make sure the dogs are ok.  The SPCA have been frank and said that if they take the dogs, they will be put down hence, our alternative is to raise funds.  Believe me, I’ve been through every possible scenario!!!  And, as I always say to myself, “there but for the Grace of God go I”.  Ann really is a nice lady but, a very poor one, and she really does love the dogs and they love her. I’ve watched the interaction between her and the dogs and there is so much love !!!!
Ann will leave the dogs out but we will fence down the middle as, the boy on the veranda, fights with others.  We already have dogs kennels that have been donated so, apart from the fence, everything is actually looking good (hard to believe I know).  We have had an outpouring of love and, if everyone donated just R50, this project could be done real soon.  This is an ongoing project for Jean and me – between us, we keep popping in and do at least 3 visits a week!!

I would like to start by thanking those of you who responded to our initial plea – a huge Thank You!  However, the dogs are still being kept in the room and the boy on the veranda is still being kept on the veranda.  As a reminder, at the end of this email are the initial photos I took.  Rest assured that the dogs are looking a lot healthier and the cats (pictured in my original email) have all been sterilised.  On Jean’s insistence, Ann has promised that the dogs are let out for a short while twice a day but, the crux is, nothing has changed in their living conditions.

The following is where we are at now:

– We have enough pre-cast fencing that has been given to us BUT, it is already in place so it means having to have   someone dismantle and re-assemble it in Escombe.  Unfortunately, that is a mammoth task unless you know fencing people who are prepared to help as, obviously where it is now, the posts are concreted into the ground.

– A big thank you to Mandy who has paid for the yard to be cleared. 

– We did have a gentleman go to the house who said he would install pool fencing but, as you can see from the quote I’ve scanned – it’s not cheap.

Now to the reason for this email … we desperately need donations to have the fencing put up so we can give these dogs fresh air and sunshine.  Our plea to you is to raise enough to have the Reconditioned pool fencing and gates erected i.e. R10235.00.  As you know, every bit helps so please would you find it in your heart to donate towards our vision.  If you would deposit the money in Jean Jacob’s account and, when you do the EFT, put ESCOMBE HOUSE (as we have other projects on the go as well).

Jean Jacobs, ABSA:  Branch Code 631326 : Savings account number  907 377 1926

And, if possible, when you have done it, Jean asked if you wouldn’t mind SMSing her on 078 4108714.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email.


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