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URGENT More Cats In Need – May 2010

CRYSTAL is a Siamese Snowshoe type, with enough sense of humour, affection and playfulness for 3 of her. Not good with cats, but loves people.

SCRUFFY looks like a Russian blue boy, wearing a tuxedo – very debonaire and so gentle and affectionate.

TAHINA OR TAI-TAI is a sweet and playful angel, who has to sleep on the bed with you – great with children, not cats.

Brothers SHADOW (black) & SNOW (white) must go together as snow is very sweet and demure and Shadow loves to call the shots and they love each other.

These angels were dumped on me and I have run out of space and money – they will soon stress which will result in low immunity and they will get ill, PLEASE HELP FIND THEM GOOD HOMES URGENTLY! All of these cats have been sterilized, vaccinated, de-wormed and are treated with Revolution for external parasites – very healthy and 1 – 4 years old.  Contact: Annette 0839856838


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