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AWS Stellenbosch – Putting Rumours To Rest

After posting the blog AWS Stellenbosch – Beautiful Dogs Need Homes Desperately! I received feedback from Gisela about the euthenization rumours and I felt that the accuracy of the details should be highlighted so that we can defuse incorrect information that could harm the credibility of these wonderful organizations that work so hard to help our furry friends.   The purpose of this blog site is to get animals and organizations the help they need and not be a part of spreading incorrect information.  Next time I’ll be careful what I blog about as it could be harmful!  Below was received by Gisela:

“The rumour about the 40 dogs that were put down at the AWSS were not shelter dogs – they were round-ups by LAW ENFORCEMENT in the area and the shelter had offered them facilities in which to put the dogs down in a humane and private way and not out in the open fields behind the shelter where children in a nearby settlement were standing watching – this is what was happening previously until the shelter stepped in and stopped it.  AWSS were actually doing an act of kindness here by offering their facilities at the clinic.   Again – they were NOT shelter dogs.
Thanks for keeping the emailer going, but please don’t amend it in any way.  
For the record – When law enforcement do come around, the shelter takes several of their re-homeable dogs, and houses them for adoption – unfortunately the shelter can only house 60, max 70 dogs at any given time.  An influx of an additional 40 in one go is desperately, devastatingly impossible.  We need more ground and more camps if anyone is volunteering..?  Thanks as always for your help in spreading the word – let’s make sure it’s the right word.  The Law Enforcement issue is a problem in the area, but an issue that needs addressing in a much larger forum and by the municipality and by the ppl of Stellenbosch and the surrounding areas.  Another project  to tackle in the near future. 
However – and here is food for thought – life in the town-ships, starving, dirty and with no-one to care about you, breeding litter after litter – that is also no life for a dog – which is kinder(?) – leaving them there?  We are the people who are trying to make a difference in this community – we need more ppl proactively out there: on the streets, helping in this struggle for our friends.  It’s a large area, and we are very limited by numbers, facilities and personnel.”


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