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Dakota – Another Happy Tail!

This female husky was picked up at the Total garage in Saldanha , West Coast a few weeks ago. She was wandering around for some time and had a sore paw and recently had pups which sadly could not be found.  A concerned family took her in but could not keep her.  Dakota has found her forever home with Lynne and her family.  Thank you Lynne for giving this beautiful girl a loving home.  Update from Lynne –

She is doing very well. She and Kasey, our other rescue, is also getting on well.  Dakota is already the “boss” in the house!  She didn’t like the bed we bought for her and decided that Kasey’s bed is far better and probably more comfy!  Poor Kasey had to “hand-over” his bed to the lady of the house!  Kasey loves to play with her, but sometimes she gets “annoyed” with this litte guy and puts him in his place!  I must add that I can see that Kasey loves the new addition.
Dakota also absolutely LOVES Jaco (husband) and Dylan (son)!  This morning Dylan came into the living room, where the 2 dogs sleep, and Dakota got up and jumped up on Dylan and gave him wet kisses.  That was so adorable!  Last night Jaco was lying on the bed and Dakota came in and jumped up against the bed to see where Jaco was.  Ashleigh (my daugther) took Dakota for a couple of walks around our neighbourhood yesterday.  Ashleigh loves to take Dakota for walks.  It’s not really “walks”, but more like running! 
We are so happy and grateful that Dakota came into our lives.  We absolutely adore her!  Thank you to each one of you for all your help and assistance with Dakota.  We will forever be grateful.


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