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Annita, The Cat Samaritan, needs your help urgently!  She has to get a cat run erected on her property by this Thursday and needs help/donations with the following:

  1. Ready mix concrete
  2. Poles
  3. Bricks
  4. Mesh
  5. Fibre glass sheeting
  6. Stepping stones
  7. Kitty boxes
  8. Heating pads
  9. Anything else we can use for the run or kitties
  10. Your time or expertise in supervising the erecting of the run
  11. Or financial – Nedbank Rosebank, Acc 1958505951, Branch code 195805

A huge thank you to the people that have already dropped off and supplied:
–   Poles
–   Mesh
–   Wooden kennel
–   Accessories for the kitties (tyres, stumps, stepping stones, etc.)
–   A gate (handmade yesterday)
–   Wood
–   Steel frames with PVC
–   A trailer
–   Rubber sheeting
–   Their time and ideas
–   Financial


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