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1000 Paws Walk For SPCA

There is another 1000 Paws Walk for SPCA to be held at Hilton College, Hilton, on Sunday, 13 June 2010 and hope that you will support what promises to be a fun day for the family and dogs.
They are also looking for vendors to add to the carnival atmosphere so if you are interested, please contact Adrienne for an application form.  The gate for vendors will open at 7.30am and the walk (optional) will begin at 10am.   There is a 4km and a 2km walk in very scenic surroundings.   This year the Rotarians will be doing the catering with a tea garden manned by the SPCA and also included at this event will be a beer garden.   They are therefore limiting refreshment vendors to specialist coffees, yoghurt, popcorn, etc.
Please forward to others who might be interested and contact  Adrienne if you need information or assistance.


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