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Cats & Kittens Need Help – Brackenfell, Cape Town

Report rcvd via email:

Once again I need your help.  These cats as per attached pics are at a customer in Brackenfell.  There were quite a few but the people had the SPCA take some and also some were sterilised.  Anyway the company that was feeding them has moved out and now the lady who stays in a wendy house at my customer is feeding them. 

There are 6 altogether, 4 kittens and 2 older cats (also still probably under a year).  Luckily 2 kittens were homed by the staff there and now there are 4.  The tortoiseshell (older cat) is the only one I haven’t seen.  She apparently only comes out to eat and is not very tame, the lady thinks she may be pregnant again. 

Anyway for now my priority is the mom black cat and the 2 kittens (grey and black/cream one).  The black/cream is not from the black mom cat.  The black cat is very tame, you can stroke her and she goes inside the ladies house, the 2 kittens are pretty tame but you can’t touch them they a bit scared.

Bottom line is the people want to call the SPCA in to take them away, she cannot afford to feed them and will also be moving out soon.  I was hoping maybe someone out there can either foster or maybe even adopt one of them.  The black/cream cat looks almost like a persian, he has beautiful blue eyes and a lovely colouring.  The black and grey ones are female.
Please let me know if there is anyone out there who could take them on or foster, any suggestions would be welcome otherwise I will have to call the SPCA as I don’t want them to be left to starve, the black cat is so sweet and loves to be stroked.
Please let me know, they are in Brackenfell, Cape Town and I can organise for them to be taken whereva a home becomes available.  Many thanks all, please forward on to your mailing list in the hope that someone out there loves cats and will help.
Mia 0846284445


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