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Dumped At Fourways Mall – Needs A New Home

Eckhard writes:
Please help a kitten that was dumped at the Fourways Mall on Wednesday 14 April (then about 8 weeks old).
She’s long legged, slinky, and white with funky grey and pale ginger spots and dainty Cinderella paws  –   all the looks of a promising model in the feline world.  The catwalk must have been made for her.   In return for a home and lots of spoiling, she’ll purr, occasionally meow (she has quite a vocabulary), give you a kiss on the nose, stroke your cheeks with soft velvet paws, and just sit with you for company.  They say, he who never spoils a cat will never know the rewards of a spoilt cat. So please help!   She deserves something better than one of them shelters for the down and out.
Eckhard 083 503 9976


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