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Dumped Dogs Need Foster / Permanent Home – Beaconvale

Report received via email:

I was in Beaconvale, industrial area today when I drove down the one road and noticed 2 dogs lying on the grass.  Of course I went to investigate, i drove up to them and they barked and black one wagged her tail and let me pat them.  There were plastic bowls there so I assumed someone is feeding them.  Anyway I went to ask, i think its part of the council, apparently these 2 dogs have been there for a few months, the people think they were dumped there.  The lady has been feeding them and they sleep outside, no kennel or blankets.They are both female, definately the black one is, the maltese wouldn’t let me look but they say its a girl also.  They are friendly, black one is really cute, quite clean and has a soft coat, friendly and likes to be patted.  The maltese is cheeky (as maltese are), she comes within arms reach but won’t let me touch her only barks at me!!
The people said I could take them as they don’t belong to anyone.  I can’t take 2 dogs home so I left food and blankets for them and would like to go back asap and fetch them.  This is where I need help.  I need a foster or permanent home, I know this is a big ask as there are already a shortage of foster moms and permanent homes but I promise if we can just get them to safety for a while I will be sure and find them a home.  I know the black one will find a home easily as she is so sweet, really nice girl.
If you could forward this on, I will be advertising for a home for them but in the meantime the sooner I can get them somewhere warm and safe the better.
Please let me know, I would really appreciate it!! Please note these dogs are in CAPE TOWN.
Kind Regards


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