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Jasper – Scared & Alone


At the sterilisation initiative in Missionvale recently I was attending to a dog that had been bitten by another dog in the cue.  As I walked away someone shouted to say there was a dog following me.  It was Jasper, he was an absolutely terrified little thing that I think someone in the crowd pushed forward hoping that I’d take him.

Long story short – He has mange and will continue to be dipped, he is also on a long course of antibiotics as his intestines are very swollen and a fecal smear will be necessary.  He is a very sad little thing and we are hoping to bring him right as rain.  We’ve had to put him on some rather pricey intestinal food as he is very malnourished.
You can’t see his back but all of his ribs are visible and he only really has hair on his head and his ears are full of scabs.

If anyone would like to help me with his veterinary bills I’d REALLY appreciate it.

Sam Senekal


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