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Paws Resort Quarantine Kennels

Report received from Helen Lang, owner of the two dogs in question.  For further information please contact Helen directly on  She has been in constant communication with various parties to get answers!

“Should some of you be wondering why we haven’t contacted you lately I think these photos of our children will go a long way towards explaining this.  We trusted and believed that a quarantine kennel facility in this godforsaken country would take care of our children whilst they were in their care only to be betrayed by barbara coward and the establishment she own called paws resort.  Bergen Belsen or Auschwitz Resort for animals would be more fitting.


A rather large Doberman weighing in at 48 Kg’s when He went into their so called resort and landing at Sydney Airport six months later after a16 hour flight weighing in at a staggering 27kg’s.  We were told that when he left the quarantine kennel after his compulsory examination by the state vet that he weighed 30kg’s. This according to the owner of the quarantine kennel was a healthy weight for a Male Doberman who claimed that the state vet would back up her story.
According to barbara COWARD,   from Paws Resort Quarantine Kennels at Kyalami in Johannesburg, the name of of the vet who gave our Animals a clean bill of health prior to Their flight was called ambrose kyandi and this  has been disputed by the Midrand SPCA as incorrect, as a normal male Dobermann will weigh between  35kg to 45kg. Considering the height of our Boy, he should be at the top of the weight scale.
Please forward this information to as many people as you know who may be Emigrating or even wanting to place their beloved pets into kennels for a while.  An investigation has been launched by the Midrand SPCA as per our wishes, of which we will know the results once the investigation is complete.
Those of you who know our children and the love and care they have been given, will be shocked and appalled by these stark pictures. Their private vet in Kloof is certainly very, very disturbed by what she has seen of them.”

Helen and Greg Langridge


2 thoughts on “Paws Resort Quarantine Kennels

  1. Looking for kennels that will provide six weeks of quarantine in caring and understanding environment for two spoilt sleep-on-our-bed dogs: from Dubai: Yorkie and Irish Wheaten Terrier. Need dog people, not just kennels. Can you help? Cheers, Gavin Stewart, Dubai

  2. Hi Gavin, just to be 100% sure, are you looking for kennels in Johannesburg, South Africa? I can send you info on a couple but let me know specifics.


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