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Please Help PETS Pay Vet Bills

PETS has re-homed quite a few animals these past few months and in total over 1800 animals are no longer suffering in the townships.  EVERY animal that comes out of the townships go and have a vet check up (Vets charge us SPCA rates/discounted), they all get de-flead, de-wormed and vaccinated if they are old enough and the also spayed / neutered if old enough.  PETS currently have 2 very large outstanding vet bills that need to be paid. 

Vetclin vet in Blaauwberg is R4100.00
Strand Animal Hospital is R8533.50

If you or anyone else can help PETS settle this, please, please let us know.  Contact for more info.  Please pass on to family and friends.  Funds can be deposited directly to the vets.


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