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Urgent Loving Homes

Collie X Boy – looking a little drowsy on pre-med, as he waits to be neutered.  A very loving, soft soul who urgently needs to find a home, as Mom rescued him, but has way too many to look after already. 

Labby Boy – The lab-retriever cross boy will be neutered.  He was confiscated after he had been left in the street with a severely broken leg for two weeks.  We removed him, set the leg and he has become our loving mascot at the centre.  In beautiful condition and very loving and playful.   

Cutsie – This tiny little girlie is the cutest child.  Just wanting to be held and loved.  Still a pup, but not going to be much bigger than that.  Paws are tiny.  She definitely has Chihuahua that is predominant and Daddy was obviously a travelling man!  Cutsie won’t take up much space and promises not to eat you out of house and home.  Please clear that little space in your heart and home.

Please contact  Ann on 041 4561776


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