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West Coast Neglect

The photo is not to upset you but just to give you a brief insight into what LANGEBAAN ANIMAL CARE have to deal with virtually daily but thankfully LAC could step in to help this poor dog.  She was found in the Country Club , LBN, was very old, had no hair left on her backside as you can see and all because her mange was not treated!!!  She had to be put to sleep which was the best thing for her after all the neglect she has had to endure.
This however is a common face in Louwville and Diazville where NOBODY seems to be working to help them.   Not many , if any animals are spayed and with a dog being able to have pups from as young as 6 months one can just imagine how many unwanted , neglected and abused dogs are running around.   Most are tied up with no shelter , come rain or sunshine.  Most hardy ever get food.  If they get sick, they just die from whatever sickness they had, with no one even caring. If they are hit by car and the animal is in a bad state, their owner may shoot them or kill them with spade or just leave them to die a terrible death,  (This is not just hear say)  If there are too many puppies, either the mother is killed after pups are 6 weeks old and are then often sold for liquor or drug money.   Pups are also stuffed down drains , or their necks are wrung , dumped in black bag or just whatever they feel like doing at that time. Louwville is a big place and then I am not even talking about Diazville or the other areas.
The Swartland and West SPCA is suppose to cover the entire West Coast area but all one has to do is drive through the area to realize that no one seems to care and if anything is being done , it has had little if any impact to stop the suffering of these animals.
Cruelty in this area is not a daily thing but an hourly , if not minute by minute HORROR !!!!   What kind of a community are we if we keep turning a blind eye, or say it is not our problem ?  


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