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Boerboel Lovers

For all the Boerboel lovers out there. All of these honeys are waiting for really good homes.  They need to run and play like they should if they were not in a shelter.  Please contact WETNOSE on 013- 932-3941/2  OR  013- 932-3946 if you are interested in any of them.   OR Lauren to find a suitable rescue dog for your home: WILL NOT HOME RESCUE DOGS TO BE GUARD DOGS !!

Sally : 8 years old     female     Boerboel – Is a senior dog which needs a home URGENTLY to retire in.
Sunnyboy:  5 year old     male     Boerbull-cross – has been waiting a LONG TIME
Angela: 5 year old     female     Boerboel – has been waiting a LONG TIME
Buks: 1 and half year old     male     Boerboel-cross
Bula: 2 year old     male     Boerboel
Lulu: 3 year old     female     Boerboel / Labrador Cross
Larry: 2 year old     Male    Boerboel-cross
Giles: 3 month old     male     Boerboel-cross
Gowen:  3 month old     Male     Boerboel-cross


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