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Braveheart & Fedora – Give Them A Happy Ending

This poor boy has been at Wetnose forever, is there no-one out there that would find a space in their heart and home for him….?

Hi Everyone.. My name is Braveheart. I’m a 5 year old male Irish terrier cross. I’m sure you all remember my sad story.. I was badly abused and burnt with oil… My life was really bad and I was very sad until a kind inspector from Wetnose found me wandering the streets of a squatter camp. They took me in and cleaned me up as best they could.. I was not scared of them as it was the first bit of love I had ever had. All I knew was that I didn’t to want to go back to that awful squatter camp ever again!!

Well, that was then and now my coat is healed and I although I don’t think I am a handsome fella, I am much better looking now… The ladies tell me I’m so special that no one will mind my scars.. I actually over heard one of the ladies at Wetnose say that it was a miracle my eyes were ok as I was burnt all around them.. shew… Even though I am fixed up, NO ONE has come to adopt me like I hoped they would.. I guess it’s cause I am not as cute as some of the dogs which come in… I dream of a loving owner and some home comforts.. I have even developed a passion for chelsea buns.. yum!  I just need to have a chance to bond with someone and you will see.. I will be the BEST DOG EVER!
Me and my girlfriend Fedora (her pick is attached) would love to be adopted together. She is a sweet 9 year old german shepard cross (litle chubby but that’s the way I like them) and it’s important for me to stick with her for her last few retiring years.. You will love her I promise!  Please please consider adopting us!!!

If you can adopt Braveheart and Fedora please contact Lauren: 0727317397


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