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Kittens needing a good home – JACOBSBAAI – West Coast

I have two kittens who are in need of a good home. Rufie was about 2.5 weeks old when I got him (the girl who found him at a scrap yard, named him Rufus. It is such a serious name for such a cute little bundle of joy!). He started purring on the first day (and hasn’t stopped since). He still loves his kitty milk first thing in the morning, although he is now 6 weeks old.
Somebody dropped Julie off at the vet’s – and we have no background on her. She is a few days older than Rufie. After the second attempt to introduce them to each other, they hit it off and now play, sleep and eat together. She was initially a little bit wild (or scared?), but has settled very nicely. She is more adventurous and inquisitive, and is not such a ‘cuddle cat’ as Rufie. She shows her affection by grooming my fingers and she does not purr as much as Rufie.
They are both quite talkative. Just about anything will do as a toy. Any movement is an invitation to play.
The photograph shows them in their favourite sleeping spot – the top drawer of the bathroom cabinet, which they have confiscated.  I would prefer for them to be adopted together, since they have formed such a close bond.
I would appreciate it if you would help to find a good home for them.
083 703 8544

Jacobsbaai Kittens


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