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This Information Could Save Your Cat’s Life

Snowbell (Uno)
27 Jan 2010 – 10  May 2010


I  write this mail with tears streaming down my cheeks as Snowbell , our precious baby girl is no longer with us.  Snowbell was treated for burn wounds which were not life threatening (horrible , horrible accident with her slipping into a hot bath ….. we should have been more vigilant and a bath will never be the same again !!!) 
The vet prescribed and administered about 10 drops of METACAM (oral suspension for DOGS) and 3 days later our
precious girl was DEAD !!!   Please read some of the sad stories of cats dying from this medication and our heart breaking experience of watching our baby Snowbell die a horrible death due to KIDNEY FAILURE , attests that this medication should NOT be given to cats 
Snowbell , our precious baby girl , we all miss you so very much … You lived life with enthusiasm , curiosity and individuality.  As tiny as you were …. your presence and personality was larger than life !!
Love ALWAYS from Pappa  , Mommy , Essie , Magaretha ,
Tiga , Saski , Sam , Fudge , Samson , Skye ,
Chloe , Lili , Bella & the frogs you so curiously sought out 


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