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A Heartwarming Story

At the end of April, we received a call from an employee at a coal mine close to Witbank, about a severely injured feral cat.  This mine has a colony of about 50 – 60 feral cats.  The cat, suspectedly, got caught in some of the machinery at the mine. Fortunately we managed to trap the cat with our first attempt, together with her sibling, and rushed her to our vet, Dr Shelagh Hahn. The findings of our vet were both shocking, but at the same time, heartwarming! 
The injured cats front paw was almost completely cut off and merely hanging on a string of skin. The back leg was seriously injured with big pieces of flesh torn out. Even more disturbing is the fact that our vet said that this did not happen recently, but at least between a week – two weeks earlier!  Due to the fact that these cats are not being fed at the mine, they have to fend for themselves and there is absolutely NO WAY this cat could have hunted or moved around too much looking for food. We have come to the conclusion that the tabby sibling, who went together inside the trap with her, must have brought food to her and cared for her!
This was confirmed at our vet, as her little sister took just as good care of her while recovering at our vet. Considering the pain and trauma she has been through, we were not sure if she is going to survive the amputation. Putting her to sleep after surviving like this for so long, seemed like a crime! But, SHE DID, thanks to the 24 hour care of her little sister, who curls up to her, grooms her and comforts her.

These cats cannot go back to the mine for obvious reasons, but unfortunately the tabby cat is still semi-feral. If there is anyone who can find it in their heart to take these two cats in, please let us know.
This is one of the reasons why we DESPERATELY NEED PREMISES, where we can build a huge feral sanctuary, where ferals, who cannot stay where they are, can safely stay for the rest of their lives! Please, if there is anyone who can assist us in this regard, contact us.
Please help us to help them, by making a kind donation and/or send this to all your friends and family.
We also have the SAINTs ladies selling Soccer shirts in aid of us and we also need books (modern fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, kids books are great, unfortunately very old or damaged books, magazines and textbooks do not sell) and jumble (old clothing and shoes in good condition) for when they have a sale for us, if you wish to have more info on the shirts please email
Thank you!
Banking details:
Four Paws
Nedbank, Fourways
Branch code: 168405
Account number: 1684110750


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