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Ella Has A Happy Tail

Since being ‘rescued’  from  horrendous conditions in the township , two unsuccessful adoptions later and 2 stints at Langebaan Animal Care kennels , ELLA has FINALLY FOUND HER FOREVER FAMILY!!!! Can we believe that this is the same dog ….. wow !!!! Makes what we do all worthwhile !!!  NOTE FROM Ella’s new Mommy :
Hi Wendy
How much happier can one be – ON THE BED !!

I decided to retain the name Ella – it’s a nice name and she is answering to that name.  Loves to eat and is also eating bit slower.     She has not messed in the house since I last told you about it, and she is really very good with going outside and sometimes, I think she comes to ask me.  Driving my Tylo insane – wants to play with him and he is quite old, but he does for quite a while which I am in fact amazed at.  When I am around I have to control her somewhat.  Yesterday she removed the inside of an old pillow !  No problem.  She hasn’t yet chewed any shoes or bedding – so I am hoping that those items do not interest her too much. We all love her – getting very naughty in her happy state !  I had her stitches removed last Saturday and she is absolutely fine.


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