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Pixie – Plz


She is so tiny hence the name.  She is a  darling little girl, I would like to see her go to a home where there are not too many dogs or bossy little ones. She is very protective and follows me everywhere, she is not a dog that plays ball and is happy to be around other dogs but does not play with them.

She loves her food and has already put on a bit of weight. She is happy to stay in her basket in the lounge at night when I take my 2 other Jack Russells to bed with me and is still there in the morning. She is house trained and we had the usual peeing on the carpet when I first brought her home but as long as the door is open she will go out.
She loves the car and will be a lovable loyal little friend. She would be a good early warning alarm as she has a high pitched bark but only barks when she sees someone.  My ideal home would be an older person who stays at home and has no other dogs or perhaps some older ones as she would like to be the no 1 dog even though she is older herself, maybe 8 – 10 years but has a cheeky spring in her step and the tail never stops wagging, when she is really excited her whole body wags!!  Too cute.  I have wormed her.  Contact: Sharon


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