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PET HOPE – Losing Her Dogs

DAWN ,  PET HOPE  faces Municipality coming in to remove her rescue dogs!!  Dawn, PET HOPE is an amazing ONE WOMAN, NPO registered ANIMAL WELFARE / RESCUE, St Helena Bay/Laingville – West Coast .  As PET HOPE does not have a kennel facility Dawn has been nursing and taking orphans/rescues into her home for the past +/- 8yrs and her doggie head count at the moment is 12.  She runs a twice weekly clinic and is always on call for any animal emergencies with her often traveling up to 3 times a day with a sick or injured animal to the vet in Vredenburg.
For years Dawn has had NO PROBLEMS with neighbours complaining about the dogs but recently a new tenant moved into the area and he is making a fuss with the Municipality which lead to Dawn receiving a visit by 2 Municipal officials with a written warning that if they receive another complaint , which is bound to happen ,  Dawn faces the possibility that the Municipality will come in and remove some of her rescue orphans , who have now become much loved ‘family members’.  
Despite her receiving verbal consent some years back that she could keep 10 dogs as some of the dogs are brought to her by the Municipality they are now telling her that she has to reduce the dog numbers …..   Before any of the dogs are removed by the Municipality , Dawn has made the sad and difficult decision to try and find a good home for SHEBA and KLONKIE.   Below find their stories and please call if you can help.
KLONKIE  :  2 yrs –  Klonkie was rescued from a rubbish dump when he was a few days old.   Dawn nursed him back to health and he has now grown into such a lovely natured dog who is good with cats and other dogs and would love to go to a home where he has lots of space to run and go for regular walks.   Klonkie is tall and lean 26kg and a real happy boy despite his sad start in life !
SHEBA  :  Born Jul 2005 –  Medium size, 10kg grey and  black female.  Gentle loving little dog, rescued at 10 days old, bottle fed and been with Dawn for 5 years.  Good with cats and other dogs.


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