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Max & Lola

Max & Lola

These two gorgeous siblings need to find a new forever home by the end of June 2010.  Please forward their info to all your contacts.  If you like large cats with a character of note, then these babies will fill your home with everything you could possibly wish for.  Here is Max and Lola’s info:

Max and Lola are two short haired domestics, they were feral, and we managed to tame them. Max is a big boy, grey and white, who weighs a whopping 9.5kg’s.  He is VERY affectionate and tries to help with whatever you do.  If you are sick, he will not leave your side.  He likes to play fetch.  Lola is his beautiful sister, also not a small cat in comparison to average cats.  She is the tabby and an absolute princess.  She is still a bit skittish and doesn’t trust easily, but when she does, she loves entirely.  She loves music and often sings along.  They are both indoor cats, and have never been outdoors before.  They love each other VERY much as you can see in the pictures, so we’d really like them to stay together, and not be separated.  If you would like to view or adopt Max and Lola, please contact Angelique on 072-4351129 or 011-2831081 (W) or  They are situated in Edenvale, Johannesburg


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