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I can understand that many people living in townships do not have the education and understanding to care for animals correctly, and that is why we concentrate so heavily on education, BUT the last place I thought I would be rescuing a puppy is in the affluent area of Sea Point, Cape Town! And that is were I found myself 3 weeks ago after hearing a puppy crying every morning for a week. I first thought it was an excited cry when it went for a walk, but instead of a walk it was being banished into a post stamp size courtyard with no protection, and no food the whole day for a 10 week old puppy. After knocking on every door in the neighbourhood, I tracked down the owner who didn’t even know if the dog was at home when I knocked on the door (the wife was apparently moving it to another unsuitable home in Rondebosch)!! To cut a long story short, I left with a terrified, cold and hungry puppy clinging to me for dear life! Pepsi is now in foster care and blossoming beautifully but it is indeed time for him to move to a permanent home of his own.


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