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Dear Ms Shields,
We are Fur Free South Africa were dismayed to learn that you are having a real fur coat made, since we’ve always known you to be an extremely intelligent, sussed person. However, we also believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt unless proven otherwise, so we would like to ask that, before you have the coat made that you “dreamed about as little girl”, you remind yourself that little girls often don’t know the horrible truth behind some beautiful facades, and that perhaps even the big girl you are now is not in possession of the truth. You couldn’t possibly be, else you wouldn’t be having this coat made.
Please let us put it in a nutshell for you: There are no good fur farms, and there is no humane way of getting fur. 
At worst, fur animals are held in horrific circumstances and often skinned alive for their fur. At best, it involves animals that should be running free (on an earth that belongs to them as well) being held their entire lives in tiny, stark cells, for no other reason than to become someone’s fur coat.
If you are the decent, caring person we’ve always believed you to be, we implore you to click on the following link. It contains no shocking images, but only images that will speak directly to your heart:
We pray that, henceforth, you will join caring people worldwide in taking a stand aganst the unspeakably cruel fur trade (people like Michelle Obama, who describes fur as “old-fashioned and cruel”), and that you will use your celebrity status not to cause more pain and misery, but to speak on behalf of those who have no voice.
For more information on fur farming, please visit our website (link above), or the PETA website at
anneke brits
On behalf of all the members of Fur Free South Africa


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