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Introduction:  The shelter is looking spectacular with all the kennels roofs done and all the animals now having shade and protection. The cemented areas are almost done and the doggies are now leaving us some grass. Paving in the Cat runs finally done and looking awesome what a bonus thank you to Daniel and the crew. The Dogs and the Cats are looking good except of course the occasional one or two who have come in badly hurt or mangy and these are being treated. The weather played along and with no rain a real lack of muddy dogs and cats. Sunshine just makes things look so much better and lifts our spirits.
Adoptions:  26 April – 1May 14Dogs and 6 Cats : 03 May – 9 May 23 Dogs and 7 Cats : 10 May – 16 May 23 Dogs and 10 Cats : 17 May – 23May 19Dogs and 5 Cats.  We apologise that we no longer have the names of folk adopting and the special dogs and cats that have gone home but due to added pressure and workloads we will be back at some stage getting the newsletter out is our first priority at this stage.  
A special thank you:  We would like to thank a very special person Morag Pretorius whose son Kent Pretorius passed away on the 3rd May in a car accident. Their Doggie was very ill and Kent and his girlfriend were on their way to the vet with the Doggie when they were hit by a bakkie.  Kent was killed and his girlfriend injured and unfortunately the doggie ran away and has not been found. A collection was made at the Memorial service and a donation of R2,300 was made to FORA. We extend our deepest sympathies to Morag on the loss of her son Kent and we thank you for the donation that you made to FORA. Our thoughts are with you in your time of need. Thank you to Renee Moffat for advising of the donation and for contacting us with the details.
A tribute to Hermie:  We are so sad to advise all that little Hermie passed away on the night of the 19th May 2010 and he will be missed by all. What a brave little kitty with the personality of an angel cat. Loving and sweet he purred constantly and ate like a Lion. Hermie sadly did not recover completely from his operation as one day he was fine and the next really down. It was a long battle which we lost in the end despite our best efforts. The staff and volunteers will miss his little face and to those that cared for him and spent time with him we thank you and Hermie you are now with the angels and have healed beyond what we could do for you. Rest in Peace. To those who contributed to his fund we thank you and assure you that those still with us will benefit from his appeal. An Email from Chantal who was waiting to adopt Hermie when he was well enough: I am so eternally grateful that you were there to have looked after him the short time he was on earth.  I don’t think he could have asked for a more loving, dedicated caregiver. You are the best!  I am also sure he is looking down on us now and telling us that he is okay now and we mustn’t cry.  You are also very special Viv, thank you so much for the work you do for the animals. Our hearts are broken but he is in a better place now without any pain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and care you gave him. You will definitely see us soon, we will never forget you. Little Hermie’s story touched my heart and he will live there forever. Thank you so much for letting me know Viv, you are very precious to both Angus and I.  We will focus all our love on all of Hermie’s other little friends in memory of him. Love Chantal  Thank you to Angus and Chantal for offering him a home and we are sorry that he never really got to know you, you would have been awesome parents to this needy little boy.

THANK YOU:  A huge HUGE thank you to Assore Limited Illovo Boulevard for an amount of R7000 raised for FORA with a raffle done on their golf day. Wow guys thank you so much we really appreciate your support. A big thank you to Joanne Price and her Mom Sue from Rivonia for the donation of handmade blankets for the shelter as well as a bag of kitten sachets and some dog food. Joanne thank you so much for your time and effort in making these beautiful fleecy blankets you are indeed a credit to the youth of today. We really appreciate and your Mom should be very proud of her daughter. Thank you to Olive and her sister Trudy as well as their next door neighbours for donations of Dog food as well as kitten food we really appreciate.Thanks again to all the clients as well as  Hansie the Manager at Pick and Pay Epson downs and to the clients of the Catbox in Randburg for the donations made. We really appreciate. Thank you to Martin and Toni Fowler from Vreda in the Free State for the coin donation of R421-80 . Thank you to monthly donors all folk and companies Tommy Martins, Morne Smit, L House, Nicky, Sue, V. Mazist from Unisa, Isabeau Willos, Universal Transport Comp, CF du Plessis, TA Combrink, T Frosio, Karagiannides, Anne Frye, Diane Hayman, A Griesel, C Woollocott, E Upton, Amcotec, Suzette du Toit, Sandy Hill, K Marlyn, P Mocker, Jodi Lynn Karpes & Tani Kotze.  Donation from E Rautenbach for R500, L Eksteen R450, Sam Johnson R300, C Saitowitz R200, Martin Humphrey R5000 see letter, Wendy Grewer R500 to help Hermie, Miss JK White R500, ACS Hattingh R500, Rachell Higgs R930, van der Westuhuizen R1000,  Woodlands Fire R300, Injecta Mould R500. Collection tins – Felix Fast Foods R277-00, Hannes Needlework Class R215-00,  tins with no contact details on Tin A20 R44-00, Tin A25 R93-30, Tin A18 R33-85, Tin A21 R25-65, Tin A17 R49-95, Tin A24 R92-75, Tin 09N3 R28-70, Snoopy Pet Shop R238-50, Pam Tin 09N94 R77-66, Laura Opperman R230-80, Chiropractor R193-95, Tin 09N73 R118-40 no name, 2 tins from Three Anchors Liquor Store R141-05, 2 tins from Riverside Vet R188-35, The Cartridge Shop R151-60, Randpark Ridge Vet Hospital  R78-38, Two Tins from Daniella (German Butcher) R189-26, Pets Eats and Treats 3 Tins R114-90, R382-10, R143-30, Ingolf R68-50. A Special thank you to the Educators and Learners of Rivonia Primary School for their Valentine’s day collection R3637-39 was collected WOW that is great thank you. Thank you to Philipe of Sporty Pets for the kind donation of their discontinued ranges of doggie beds and for delivering over the weekend.
Thank you to Lyn from Katmandu for the donation of jumble we really appreciate and for your concern and caring re the shelter. Thank you to Sonia and friends once again for the donation of food and goodies we really are grateful. Kirsten, Michelle and all at Wilderness Safaris thank you for the donation paper, magazines etc for our bins (please see below where the new bins are situated) as well as dog food and the wonderful hamper from Martin and Martin (thanks Anna). Thank you to everyone that has come past the shelter and dropped off a bag or two of food for the kitties and doggies at the shelter.. Thank you Vivien Verkuylen who contacted us on behalf of the Chairman Mr Desmond Sacco. Thank you for this wonderful donation we really appreciate your help and support. Thank you to Jan Palmary and her daughter for the two car loads of jumble for the shop and Bounty Hunters, after a huge clear – out, thanks Denis ( Sandy’s hubby) who collected and thanks Sandy for dropping at the shelter. Thank you to Fiona van Niekerk for the donation of clothing for our shop we appreciate. Thank you to all those who dropped off kitten food for our little ones we appreciate your time and trouble and the kittens are enjoying their munchies. A huge thank you to Dee Melass for her donation of R5,000 as well as all the beautiful knitted goods that she personally knitted for our new shop. Jerseys, cravats, bed socks, warm beanies and lots of others to keep out the winter chill. Dee thank you the knitted goods are certainly great and we appreciate all the hard work that you put in. Thank you to Elardus and Merle for the jumble donated we really appreciate your donation and support. Thank you to Verusha and Sumesh for kitten food as always when we ask for help Verusha rushes over with a bag full of sachets to keep the little ones fed. Thank you as well for her help the Sunday with caring for these little guys and for the time spent sorting out our sms campaign. Thanks as usual to Sandy who does not miss a Saturday if she can help it and Liza and Kirsty for their help in walking the dogs. Please if you have time on your hands and want to stay warm on a Saturday morning they always need help with walking the dogs come along and give a hand as well as getting fresh air and exercise. Thank you to Roger for the donation to buy kitten food we really appreciate and a big thanks from the kittens. A warm welcome to Trudi who has also just started off as one of our much needed volunteers. Ria thank you for the new Mondi bins that you organised we really appreciate. Thanks you to Mr Wright  and family for the wonderful donation of Kitty food and blankets we really appreciate. Thank you to Willem and Annatjie for their support and help as well as Corne, Mignon, Estelle and Adriaan ( the cutest little boy who mastered the electric can opener of Viv J in an instant much to the delight of the cats) Tessa, Margaret and Catherine for their time and love given to the cats. Tyron for his handy jobs fixing, mowing and generally keeping the grounds and equipment looking good. Thank you to Chris for managing the shop as well as doing many of the collections of jumble that need to be fetched we appreciate. Thank you to Rachel for home checks and Tessa for photos of the cats. Thank you to Ria Smit for organizing the moving of the Mondi bins to Ontdekkers vet and Berg shopping centre Bergbron and for donating 100 collection tins and putting the labels onto them as well.  Total for Mondi Jan to March – R421-80  we were very slow as the new paper bins were not yet in place and bin at the old shelter no one could get in to deposit paper. Thank you once again to our Golden Girls Rose, Gwen & team who sold R2300 worth of jumble at their Alf’s sale on the 1st of May 2010. Thank you to Estelle Kerrane for the jumble we appreciate. Thank you to Sue From Krugersdorp for her donation of jumble thanks Sue. Thank you to Cindy Mey for food donated. Thank you to Juanita, Lia, Jacques, Leigh and Adrian from Laerskool Helderkruin. Thank you to the Krugersdorp News for their article about our jumble shop we are getting a lot of donations to the shop and we appreciate your support.
Thank you to Amanda our blind volunteer for organizing the Carousel Singers concert, a sum of R3105-00 was raised. John from Ontdekkers Park was the winner of the Mother’s Day hamper and Gaynor delivered to his home. We thank  Breggie, Gaynor, Rose and Gwen for manning the tables and tuck shop. The chocolate hamper raffle was drawn at the shelter on Sunday the 9th and was won by Dave. Thanks Dave we appreciate the support and enjoy your hamper. Thank you Amanda those that attended enjoyed the event.
A huge thank you to Claudia (who owns a divine Italian Ice Cream shop at Brightwater common) for the donation of 100kgs of cooked food weekly for our dogs.
We really appreciate all the time and trouble in making the food and from our doggies “Wow cooked meals this is great woof woofthanks”. The cats of course green with envy but they get their cooked meal on a Sunday so they cannot complain.
FORA thanks Royce Imaging –  Monique and Natalie for the following donations see photos below:
Thank you so much for your contribution towards the goodies for FORA – Friends of Rescued Animals. We managed to collect R 1650 and with that we bought: 40 x Blankets, Dog Food, Cat Food, Feeding Bowls, Cow Hooves for chewing. Every little bit helps and I am sure that we are going to make some pets very warm and full this winter 🙂 Some pictures I could get of all the animals because it is heartbreaking – all you want to do is take them all home 😦 but I did mange one or two 🙂 Thank you once again to all the Sales guys and Vella for contributing to this truly worthy cause. xxxMoniquexxx
Two letters we wanted to share with you:
Marilyn wrote: We went to FORA on Monday 10th May and my husband and I delivered some tins of soft food for your kitties, pellets for the doggies a small bag of pellets for the kitties and a few grey blankets to help keep a few animals warm.  I also gave one of your workers a “King-size” light blue blanket…as I told Betty (in your little office) the blanket being so large it could maybe be cut up and distributed amongst a few cats or dogs. This blue blanket belonged to our cat Sammy who died at the age of thirteen from cancer in his little stomach in 2008. I promised FORA this blanket in 2009 but never got to give it to you, so I hope you now can use it. The food was donated by our two dogs Sugieh and Tasmyn, who want other doggies and cats to have full tummies like they do. We love your “new” premises and wish you lots of happy years at your new place, and lots of adoptions. I have told a friend of mine to go to FORA…she wants a Jack Russell. so I think she will be seeing you on a weekend. Thank you all for the wonderful work you do and Blessings to you all. Regards, Marilyn Van  Der Westhuizen.
Martin wrote: Just to let you know that I have just made a small donation (R5000) based upon a mistake that my builder made on my new house. He inadvertently put the wrong electrical switches into the house and it was going to cost me R5000 to have them replaced. I thought “bugger it- they look alright” I’d rather stick with the switches as they are and give the money to FORA. So here it is. Regards Martin Humphry. Martin we thank you and hope that your light switches last for a long time. The Dogs and Cats at FORA are delighted with your donation.
Mondi Paper Bins And Cartridge Collections:   If your company is interested in recycling cartridges and in the same time save the environment, prevent landfill, please drop your empty cartridges off at the shelter, or if you think you have more than 15 cartridges a month, we can organise a recycle bin  at your company’s premises. If you would like to get the cartridges collected, please e-mail your company’s name, physical address, your name, surname and contact details to  FORA paper recycling bins are at Ontdekkers Animal Hospital, 601 Ontdekkers Road, Florida and at The Berg Shopping Centre, corner of Gordon and Bergbron Road, Bergbron. If any volunteer can identify more places to put up paper recycling bins at shopping centres, please forward the following details to :
Shopping centre
physical address
Manager of shopping centre (name)
Manager of shopping centre (contact details,cell no, tel no, or e-mail address)
Events:  Please remember our Barnyard event on the 3 June 2010 at Broadacres THE BIG FIVE . We thank Denver for all the hard work they have put in to make this a success and hope you will join us for a great evening. Denver has done a video which will be shown on the night (tissues needed) This video will show what we do and why we need help. See Flyer.
3July2010 – Please keep this date open we are planning a Doggy Fun day (thanks Roosa) which will be great fun. More details in the next newsletter or before but keep the date open and be sure to join us.
Walkhaven Event:  Grrreetings With winter truly upon us, the time has come to fire-up the fireplace and get together to warm the new Dog Box!   Join us on Friday 4th June 2010 from 17h30 onward for a fun night of games, good music and great food followed by a camp-out.  A selection of 3 curries with all the trimmings (vegetarian option available) and games ranging from Balderdash to Charades with fun prizes up for grabs, all for only R85 per adult and R40 per child.  Bring either your tent to camp outside or a sleeping bag to camp out in the Dog Box.  In keeping with the winter theme, please would all those attending bring along a donation of a dog blanket for the winter blanket drive.  Bookings are essential for catering purposes – please contact for more information or bookings. Kind regardsAshleigh Enslin
Comrades For FORA:  We’re almost there!!  I just want to let you know that everything is still on track for our Comrades fund raising!  I have managed to so far not get injured or sick so I’m just counting down the days now…I will be in touch with you after the race to arrange a time and place to meet in order to exchange photos and funds raised (for those who do not do an internet transfer).  I am looking forward to it so much!! If you’d like to track my progress, you can sms my race number (which is 35820) to 38132 and you will receive 5 sms’s during the day letting you know how I’m doing…We’ll talk soon!  Have a good week!   Thank you Lee and we wish you every success with your run and we will be thinking of you.
Help Needed With Ferals:  Viv J has come across a colony of ferals at the Roodepoort Hyperama (near the Flora clinic). Viv J advised  “ I am prepared to sponsor their food and take on the cost of their sterilizations (there are about 8 according to the car guards) but I desperately need help in trapping as well as if there is someone who lives close or goes past who could feed them for me once or twice in the week. I go past on a Saturday and Sunday and feed but in the week I am not able to go more than once and if I work late I cannot go at all. They are in very good condition but they are eating from the dustbins (I saw them eating Kentucky chicken bones) and would hate them to become thin and become ill over winter. If you can assist me please call 0828526749 thank you”
People:  We would like to thank Patti Baron Lowe for all the hard work and dedicated time that she put into FORA over the past 6 years. We really appreciate all that you did for us. We bid Patti farewell as she has made a decision to leave FORA and no longer be associated with our organisation in any way. We wish you all the very best for the future. Thank you Patti from all the Staff, Volunteers and all the Furry friends at the shelter.
Happy Birthday to all friends and supporters who have Birthdays in June  and to those that have had their birthdays in May we hope you had a splendid day.  We wish Melissa and her very new hubby Dwynne all the very best for the future. We hope you had a super wedding day on the 22nd May and that you are enjoying your honeymoon in the Berg. Hope to see you soon. Thank goodness Betty is able to walk again without hobbling. She took a nasty fall at the shelter and sprained her ankle very badly glad you are back on track Betty and thanks for still being at the shelter even though you were in pain.
Good morning everybody, This is me at 5.30am in the morning, at least I am modest and cover up when photo’s get taken of me! (would hate to end up on a porn site) LMAO  I am just so cute lots of love to everybody furry or not.  Falconetti xxx  P.S. Eish I don’t like other cats but Snowflake at FORA is a looker wow check her out.
(Adopt a shelter cat and get a character like this one thanks to Charmaine and Skip for the updates.)
 Appeal For Food:  As we close off this newsletter we appeal to everyone to please help with food for our Dogs and Cats. We are presently buying Dog Pellets to feed and this is costing us dearly and we are really desperate especially for Dog food at this stage our Kitties are OK for awhile but running low. Our food bills are very high and in Winter we do feed a bit extra to keep the tummies full and the Animals warm.

If you would like to donate and cannot get to the shelter please contact us on numbers above and we will either fetch or give you a drop off point. Donations into our FORA account Nedbank 1905  151  209, Florida branch code  190541 with a reference “food” can also be done. Thank you to those who have already donated we really appreciate.
 “That’s all Folk”
One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

“One is Evil –  It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”The  other is Good –  It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.”  The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf wins?”  The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

“All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it.” ~ Samuel Butler
A Good Day out with your Dogs support Walkhaven Dog Park


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