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Second Chance Sanctuary – Durban/KZN

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Puddles & Squeak (ducks) – They are VERY tame – you can pick them up! They love lettuce treats and eat normal poultry feed.  Do you know anyone who can home them. I’m very tempted – just worry about the jack Russell across the road getting into our yard to chase them?  They belong to a friend of mine – Nick Duck – and he has had complaints in his complex about the quacking 😦 So we need to find a LOVING home asap! Please contact Katelyn on

Alfredo – (nicknamed Smiler because he actually smiles at you) was sadly abused and neglected and had to be rescued by the SPCA.  I in turn rescued from him “Death Row” and am now trying to find a home for him. He is such an affectionate little dog and would make a perfect companion for anybody, young or old.  He gets on with other animals, loves children and just adores attention.  Please call Kerryn on 073 619 1769 if you can give Smiler a good, loving home

Snazzy – 18 months old and a male Maltese terrier cross, currently in kennels and not enjoying it at all, so if you could offer Snazzy  a new home with lots of love he will be your new best friend.  Call Kim to arrange to meet me on 083 555 0111.  Visit

Daisy and Rosie – they are Maltese poodles and are rather used to be being spoiled rotten by their family!  Their owner is emigrating and they need to find a wonderful new home together. They are very used to living inside and are both fully housetrained. They are sisters from different litters – Daisy is 5 and Rosie is 4 years old. If you’d like to offer these gorgeous gals a loving home Please contact Quicha on 083 272 7201.  Visit

Lovely natured little boy has arrived at Fynnlands sport club, has been there now for a month and we have not been able to trace his owners.  Please he can no longer stay at the club and needs a loving forever home.  Please phone Anne 0827746441

Jobu – This precious little girl is about 8 weeks old and is a mix breed that will grow to be med in size.  She was rescued from the side of the road after her mother and siblings were knocked over and killed.  Jobu is friendly and is socializing with other dogs and cats in her foster home.  If you would like to offer her a home call Kim 083 555 0111.  Visit
Schnapps – This sweet little Labrador cross is a litter of 7 pups and are all searching for a forever home.  They are 5 weeks old and almost ready to adopt a family of their own.  If you would like to meet Schnapps or any of the siblings please contact Quicha on 083 272 7201. Visit

Tyson – German Shepherd, 1 year, male, neutered. He is new to the kennels so if anyone is interested in him they need to phone Kay to get details.

Dolan – Jack Russell, 16 months, male, neutered. He is a typical Jack Russell and is high energy. He will not be able to be placed in a house with cats.

Jack Russell X –18 months, female, spayed. She was found wandering in heavy traffic in Pinetown. She is sweet and lovable.

Maltese – 14 weeks, male, neutered. He is very sweet but shy.

If you would like to adopt, please contact Kay on 031 783 4807 during office hours.  Please contact Nadine on 083 657 4467

Iggy & Capone – Capone is 7yrs old and she has been spayed.  She is a little terrier mix, has a wonderful nature and loves children.  She is fully house trained and would love to stay with her friend Iggy if possible.   Iggy is a 5yr old sausage x and is fully house trained and well socialised with other dogs.  She is very loving and hoping to stay with her partner Capone My name is Iggy (the black one), if you would like to adopt Capone or Iggy call Quicha 083 272 7201 or Byron on  074 193 8404 or on Visit

Extremely Urgent
Both Scrappy and Rodney are fantastic dogs, great companions, very good with children and make perfect guard dogs (as in raising the alarm!).  Scrappy (the slender one with perked-up ears in the pic) is nine years old and is a very intelligent and loving female (spayed).  Rodney (the chubby chap with floppy ears) is not yet four and is a gentle and lovable guy (neutered).  Both dogs have been very well cared for and are perfectly healthy. Please call Quicha 083 272 7201 if You would like to adopt them.  Visit

Rocco & Lolita – Rocco is a pure bred black &tan miniature daschund and will be 5 on the 5th of November 2010, he is loving, but also independent.  Lolita is a mix between a standard and a miniature daschund and will turn 4 on the 24th June 2010, when she was two she had her first epileptic fit and has been on medication ever since and had minimal fits in the last two years, she takes phenobarb [1 tablet twice a day] and this costs R60 a month so cost is minimal however if someone took over the doggies I would be happy to continue to pay for this medication and any potential vet bills directly related to her condition.  I understand that someone would be “skeptical” of taking a sick dog but I can assure you she is not sickly whatsoever and in fact the picture of health however she has this condition that has to be and is easily managed.  Both are sterilized and their vaccines are up to date, and they must stay together.  If you would like to offer them a home, please contact Dom at

Donkey – super sweet female Jack Russell. She is 7 years old. She is better with adults than she is with kids and she’s not very good with cats at all! She’s a loving girl who’s keen to have a new family of her very own.  Please contact Quicha on 083 272 7201 Visit

Sindy – a lovely little mixed breed who is of medium size. She’s great with children and has loads of energy. She is around six months old, and would love to be part of her own loving family and find her forever home. If you are interested in meeting this gorgeous gal, Please contact Quicha on 083 272 7201.  Visit

Max – handsome little sturdy boy he was almost dead went found and has bounced back 100% he loves attention and is very playful he is about 2 years old terrier mix. Please call Quicha 083 27 27 201. Visit

Dogs At Animal Lodge Need Homes:
These animals are looking for homes. They are all very sweet. Most of these dogs have been rescued from euthanasia or from a horrible fate and yet they are still so full of life.  More info on the dogs:

BP and Steers – These two Africanis type dogs were found on the N3. They are good with animals and children and very alert. They are also very resourceful and clever as they took up camp outside steers and got their daily food from scraps and tidbits. They are thought to be brother and sister.

Tyson – Is a 10 month old fox terrier. He is playful and full of energy. He would love to go to a family that would keep him busy.

Ruby – She was found on a rubbish dump in a township. She is 2 years old with high energy levels and is very playful and loving. She gets along well with other friendly dogs.

If you would like to adopt, please contact Kay on 031 783 4807 during office hours please


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