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A Request From Ethiopia

Say A Prayer

Today I am asking you to please spare a healing thought to one of my baby donkeys at the farm in Awassa today.  He is badly hurt due to an unusually severe outbreak of stinging flies and he is allergic to chemical they inject under the skin to be able to suck his blood.  His one leg is basically skin less now and he is in severe pain – only problem is, there is not even an animal clinic, let alone a hospital near here where we can take him to get some help.
A representative of the Donkey Sanctuary has been very kind to come and help, bring medication and some support, but they can also do so much – with basically no animal medication even available in town.  Please spare Mange Tout a healing thought – Jesus loves them too!
Take care,

(PS – if anyone has a bit of spare cash, perhaps we can break ground for a mobile clinic or even small animal hospital here in Awassa – thousands of animals will be very grateful!)

Carin Joubert


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