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Bella - Gauteng

Her eyes are actually siamese blue- but the camera reflected red/brown.  I am relocating to Australia and cannot afford to relocate her with me.  The cats also have spend a huge time in quarantine in Sydney and Ill be in Brisbane which means I cant even visit her.  I feel its unfair to Bella, (even though it breaks my heart).
I am looking for a loving home, preferrably an older person who is in need of a companion, where she has company of the pet owner  most of the day, cause she likes to talk. Also someone who can afford to feed her Whiskas pellets and soft food.

Age: 9 Months
Sex: Female
Breed: Short Haired cat, possibly with some siamese in her and she also has a kink in the top of her tail.
Colour: White with some tan and darker markings- her tail has dark rings and a black coloured tip.
Eyes: Siamese Blue
Name: Bella Donna.
Food: Whiskas pellets and sodft food- likes the Whiskas fish the most
Feeding times: early in the morning and at six at night
Toilet: Fully toilet trained- uses a cat litter box
Medical History:
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: Yes
Contact: Jessica


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