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Gorgeous Nelson!


My name is Nelson.  I’m nothing but a hound dawg…. With a tad beagle in me.  I’m still a spring chicken … Im not even 3 yet!!  Yeah, Im REALLY special!!  If you like cuddlz, then I’m your bloke!  I smile all the time, and I am Sooooooo easy to please. Im a good boy, honest……. My family had to move away ….. far far away … over the Sea. I don’t know why, but they left me behind! 😦  I tried telling them I’m not scared of airoplanes … Im a big brave kid…. Im no sissy!!!  I don’t think they heard me, cause one day they took me to this place with loads and loads of “unwanted” brothers and sisters.  I was there for a short while, then one day, I heard them say “his time is up”, whatever that means????  MY TIME???? Nooooooo Way …….. NOT ME, I’m a PAWFECT doggie for ANY home!!  Sniff!! OOOh, I hoped they weren’t going to take me to that horrible place with the steel table.  I heard my neighbours talk, and they told me when we go in that room …. WE DON’T COME OUT!!! I prayed and prayed to God, and I think it worked cause the next thing I knew, this small little lady came to fetch me, and took me to this WAY better kennels.  I have lots of new neighbors, and everyone there welcomed me with open arms.  Is THIS my destiny?  Yussie, there are lots of hip and happening dudes and gals here as my  neighbors, and they all rock…….. but what about a REAL family???  I just KNOW I’m THAT cute, and I know Somebody out there must want to adopt me?  If you have offspring, I love to play with them too, so puleeeeze bring them to meet me? I pwomise you’ll be impressed and it will be love at first sight.  HEHEHE, I heard the lady say that, so I thought it was kewl!
Please can you call my step mom if you would like to meet me?  Her name is Tracy  She is from Barkingmad. (Dog town SA).  No Chancer’s please. Strict home checks do apply.


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