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Abused Fox Terrier

I am 6 years old, my owner cannot stand me, even though I have the ability to be so loving and caring. I’ve always been left outside and I’ve not had much human contact, but with a little love and care, I promise you I will love you unconditionally.  It is freezing outside, and luckily all the neighbours have bought me a kennel to sleep in… but with little food, my tummy is empty and I cannot keep warm.
If you take me home I promise to be the best doggie you have ever had, I won’t intrude, as I’m so used to being locked in the back garden without even a tree or a ball to play with, all I can do is sit around and pray that someone will rescue me from this bitter existence.
Please see details below of Alicia Hattingh, who you can contact to help come and fetch me… I wish I could have broken out myself… I cannot survive another winter in this cold.  If you cannot take me, please send this to as many people as you can…

Alicia Hattingh

Phone 0861 114 063 • Mobile +27 72 620 2571


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