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Annette’s Cats – Urgent!

PLEASE HELP ME HOME THESE LIEFIES URGENTLY – they are getting sick from overcrowding! All sterilized, vaccinated, de-wormed, house-trained and de-flea-ed
Scruffy is a young boy, who looks like a Russian Blue in a tuxedo. Very affectionate, playful and gentle. Not worried about other cats.
Mitzi is an oriental Black girl, green eyes, with a diva character on the surface, but she is very chatty, witty, affectionate and playful. Not one for too many cats.
Xavier is a cream/blue young tabby, bright green eyes. A bit shy at first, but chats and plays and purrs. Demure, not worried about other cats.
Noogy is a seal tabby point Siamese girl, glacier blue eyes. Not fond of other cats, but loves people and is very affectionate.
Annette Wrigth 0839856838


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