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Dumped In Dustbin

(Picture to follow)

More HORRORS on the West Coast  !!!! 
GOOD NEWS is that little one will be going into foster care with PETS !!!!   Thank you Anoux !!!
Here is her STORY :

We got a call today, minutes before closing time from one of our clients, saying that she went to the Post Office in Saldanha just now and that when she opened the rubbish bin to throw away some stuff, she found this lovely doggy in the rubbish bin!!!!!! 

She is very far pregnant, our vet says she thinks she is a few days away from delivery. That is probably why she was dumped in the rubbish bin, as if it was her fault that she got pregnant??
She loved the soft food that we provided for her. She is a bit dirty but we did not wash her as we don’t want her to stress unnecessarily. She is the sweetest little thing. Loves to be cuddled and is has not shown any aggression. She got very scared when I closed the cage door, maybe had a bad experience with a cage, who would know. The client phoned Windstone kennels as well, but they were not interested in helping her. It is actually better that way as she needs a inside place where she can be warm and cuddled a lot.
Obviously the practice is not ideal for her to give birth as there is always dogs barking etc and we don’t want her to be stressed in anyway.  We will keep her there for as long it is needed but I would love for her to go to a foster home where she can feed and still maybe give birth in peace and quiet.
She is a little yorkie X maltese and about 1 maybe two yrs old. Has the most BEAUTIFUL personality, despite her ordeal.

langebaan animal care
pet hope
Tel    (022)  492 2294
Cell   083 270 5161


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