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Out-of-the-Blue Animal Rescue KZN

Out-of-the-Blue Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation established in 2001 and focuses on the rehabilitation and care for neglected, abused and abandoned animals.  Based in Assegay, Patty and Peter I’Ons are the proud owners of the farm and out of their genuine love for animals have formed this charity. They currently house approximately 70 animals including 32 horses, 20 dogs, donkeys, cats and even a few goats.

Out-of-the-Blue is a non-profit organisation and relies purely on charity donations in order to nurture these helpless animals back to health and feed, groom and exercise them for the rest of their natural lives.
All donations would be greatly appreciated and we ask that should you wish to make a contribution, you use the following account details:
Out-of-the-Blue Animal Rescue Trust                                                        
Standard Bank Hillcrest
Acc No:  250828049
Branch Code: 04-57-26 
Trust number: IT/1360/2009/PMB (NPO Number to Follow)
REFERENCE: Please use your name as a reference and email Roz Homewood at so we can keep you updated with where your money is being spent.
Projects on the move where sponsors are desperately needed:
1.       Refurbishing the current stable barn and build additional stables. Items needed: cement, concrete stone, Umgeni sand, Angle Iron, flat and round bars, wood protective chemicals non toxic to animals
2.       Building saddle room and store room. Items needed: logs preferably pine or gum, roofing materials ie. Roof sheeting for damaged sheets and roof nails or self drilling screws, round bars
3.       Building of recreational ablution blocks. Items needed: toilette cisterns, shower heads, pluming materials, shower doors, toilet doors, windows and bricks
4.       Fencing of arena. Items needed: 2000m chicken mesh fencing
5.       Perimeter fencing. Items needed: 6000m double galvanized barbed wire, fencing poles
6.       Tyres for retaining walls. Items needed: reject truck tyre casings
7.       Diesel for construction machine
Feeding and taking care of the animals is a costly exercise in itself and it would be greatly appreciated if any of the following can be donated:
1.       Hay
2.       Sawdust shavings (non treated wood)
3.       Horse feed
4.       Maize meal for dogs
5.       Dog and cat food
6.       Shampoos
7.       De-wormers
8.       Bandages, taping
9.       Small fridge for medication and vaccinations
10.   Funds to assist with purchasing horse flu vaccinations
11.   Ice Man gel
12.   Wound spray, black powder
13.   Poultice boots
14.   Horse Blankets
15.   Hay nets
16.   Grooming kits
17.   Any old tack
18.   Halters
19.   Life Jackets
Attached are some of our success stories along with some photos of some of the rescues.
Should you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Roz Homewood
Fundraising for Out-of-the-Blue Animal Rescue
F9 Alverstone Road, Assagay, Hillcrest, 3610
P O Box 947 Hillcrest 3650
Tel: +27 (31) 768 1768
Fax: +27 (31) 303 4524
Cell: +27 (82) 784 2272 – our website is in the process of being updated.


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