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URGENT Pleae – Deadline end June

Over time, Rose has rescued kitties that have been abandoned or had nowhere else to go.  Since her husband passed away, she has been trying to take care of the kitties on her own, but it is a huge struggle financially and now her neighbours are giving her uphill and have given her to the end of June 2010 to get them off the property or they will be calling in the SPCA.
There are 21 kitties (only 3 have been sterilised).  Rose has kept the males and females separate so there is no chance of breeding.
She has until the end of June 2010 to relocate the cattery and kitties, find foster homes for them or re-home.  If there is anyone out there that can help in any way, by either taking the cattery onto their property, adopting one or two of the kitties (I can help with reduced prices on sterilisation), by fostering some of them so we have time to sterilise and advertise properly?
Rose could also use help with food and medication.  I am happy to deliver or purchase and deliver on your behalf if you can’t, as Rose doesn’t have transport.  Please contact me urgently if you can help in any way on 083-6340069 or


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