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Lulu Desperate To Find A Home

This is an URGENT APPEAL!!

Little dog was tossed outside in the cold and completely neglected ….. I rescued this little female dog ‘LuLu’ today from a family that had tossed her outside (in the freezing cold) and wanted to take her to the SPCA or have her euthanized if  no one took her…    a perfectly wonderful, friendly, healthy dog… can you believe it!! They say she chews things (hellooooo she is bored) and is too playful ????
She is 11 months old and such a sweetheart. She started playing with all my dogs when I brought her inside.  She is very friendly and bubbly and needs a lot of love, attention and a warm bed :).  I would say she is a bull terrier cross dachshund…….. and will be medium sized.  She has been sterilised and vaccinated.
I foster, as most of you know but I have reached ‘maximum capacity’ at the moment so if there is anyone that can foster her while we find her a good home please let me know urgently.  I think she can go straight into a home as she is loving, trusting, healthy and well socialised it seems..
If anyone can give her a wonderful home with lots of walks and attention which she deserves, please contacts me: Lauren 0727317397


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