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Sir Sebastian Kitswallis & Lord Montague

We Need a Home for Our Cats by 23 June 2010!!

Sir Sebastian & Lord Montague

Sir Sebastian Kitswallis is a 13 year old Maine Coon crossed with a Norwegian Forest (well that’s what we think). He is grey in colour and is a very laid back quiet cat.
Lord Montague is an 11 year old Ginger Tom who is a talker, he still quite energetic and fun.
Both these male cats have been neutered and do not mark their territory. They are house trained and do not wonder off. They are both very loving but shy around strangers. Ideally they should be homed together as they have never been apart.
We are emigrating to Australia and we do not want to put them through 7 months of quarantine
Debbie Peters 082 746 5447


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