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Spider’s Happy Tail

Due to the overwhelming demand to update information on animals in need, the happy tails section has been negelected.  I didn’t want readers to lose hope that there aren’t any happy tails out there so I’ll be updating this info asap.  Enjoy reading the happy tails …. we all need a smile in these sad times experienced by our furry friends.  Here is their story:

THANK YOU to all who help me find loving homes for our orphans …..  simply by pressing the FORWARD button 
Yah  !!!  A HAPPY TAIL for SPIDER a lamb and a new PUP !    NOTE FROM SPIDER’S MOMMY , WENDY :
I will bring Spider with me when I come to adopt our new puppy and then you can see how well he is doing.    We have also rescued a lamb from the farm as her mother died and we’re feeding her up.   So special to see Spider push and nudge the lamb with the lamb now following Spider around.  Spider has also been to the beach and was so well behaved and remained at our sides until he saw 2 other puppies he wanted to play with ….. Yah ! it’s a HAPPY dog’s life !!!
(I will ask Wendy to send us a pic of Spider , the lamb and new puppy) 
langebaan animal care
pet hope
Tel    (022)  492 2294
Cell   083 270 5161:


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