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Found Behind PE Stadium

I picked this poor soul up this morning just behind the PE stadium, after chasing him away from Kempston Road during peak hour traffic ….. When I got closer I saw his leg must have been broken a long time ago, and his so-called owners, if he has any, didn’t bother to get him medical attention (just look at the attached pic).  He has a massive bulge where his leg was broken…. I eventually  coaxed him into my car, with the help of a kind lady, and took him to Mount Croix Animal Hospital 041-374 3034.

Dr Lucy called and said it’s best to put him to sleep, as he is in pain and with him being an old dog, the surgery will be too much for him to handle and she cannot, in good conscience, put him through the ordeal…. The vet will keep him comfortable and on painkillers for a couple of days to see if we can find his owner first ….. And to this end, we have reported him to the AWS/AACL/Save-a-pet.
My heart breaks for him – I so wish we could have given him a second chance.

I spoke to two of the vets at Mount Croix Animal Hospital and they both of the opinion it’s not a good idea to put the dog through an op, so all we can do is try and find him a foster mommy for a short while, with meds for his pain, until we can try and locate his owners….  And if this doesn’t happen, then he will be put to sleep – it’s in his best interests they say…..
Please is there anyone out there who can find it in their heart to take this boy in for a while and show him love and comfort before……….  Please let me know if you can care for him via email


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