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Pet Shop Bunny Hell

Dear Animal Friends
I went into a well known Pet Shop yesterday, and saw the state of these 2 bunnies I immediately took the 2 bunnies and 1 white tiny sick bunny.  The Pet Shop owner (Idiot) response to this was “They are old and that’s what old age does!”, below you can see the pictures of these poor animals, this pet shop is currently under investigation and I’ll do anything in my power to close them down.  More info will be mailed to you during the course of this week.
We urgently need funding to help the bunnies, we think they might have a skin disease, poor little Courage will go for an operation to remove his tumor on the one testicle.
The little white bunny doesn’t look good at all we suspect this little one has got a respiratory ailment and a chance for her to survive doesn’t look too good.
We will be grateful with any form of donation, as long as we can get these babies on the right medication, and hope that these people will rot in hell!!!
This is why we don’t support pet shops, because this is what happens to animals most often.
Our Banking Details

WAS Foundation

Branch code: 632005
Account number: 9203876683
Ref: Bunny Hell


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