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Bandit & Kayla

Location: Muizenberg, Cape

Two incredibly healthy, highly intelligent, playful and awesome boxers are urgently looking for a loving new home. They have been with one owner since they were puppies… doted on and spoilt with love and playtime. Their names are Bandit and Kayla, both 5 years of age and live in Muizenberg right now. An unavoidable situation has arisen where their guardian is moving into a two bedroomed apartment, which unfortunately is not suitable for two big fur children.
Ideally it would be awesome if Bandit and Kayla could be homed together with someone who has a big property such as a small holding or largish garden as they would make ideal guard dogs but also loving pets. If they are not able to be re-homed together, perhaps with someone who already has one or several dogs and wants a companion for their fur child. Please contact either Chris on 082-556 7798 or Connie on 082-405 7353 …please leave a detailed message with contact number if you cannot get hold of either…they will call you back.
Thank you in advance for considering helping these two incredibly deserving fur children.


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