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Sam From Quatar


Sam from Quatar

Brenda writes:

This is a story with a good ending too.. my mom is in Quatar and this little cat “found” my mom ; )  she said she was very wild at first but she is starting to become more accustomed to my parents.  My mom used to have a cat when we were little but when it died she never got another one cause of the dogs.
Now she has been found such a long way from home hahaha.. my mom said 4 days ago she disappeared and my mom went on an expedition to find her.. she found her stuck under a birdcage in someone’s yard in the complex she stays in.  She said when she gave her food she didn’t know if she should meaaw or eat and did both at the same time.. she had two bowls of food and milk and now she seems to be very at home.  My mom will probably bring her with when they come back to SA ; ) that’s one lucky cat because she will have the life of a queen from now on ; )


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