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He is actually fluffier than it looks in the pics.   He loves being brushed.  I must be 110% that he goes to a very loving and good home, preferably without dogs.  As a kitten he enjoyed the company of our other cat but that cat died
about 4 years ago so Mo is not  really used to other cats anymore.

Mo is neutered and is approximately 6 1/2 years old.  He’s white with a black tail and a couple of black patches.  He is more aware than most cats that humans are here to serve him alone.  He spends his days lazing in the sun in the garden and the evenings keeping warm on our bed!

He is only happy eating Whiskers cat food and loves the odd bit of fish occasionally.   He never drinks milk, only water.  He is known as MO,  aka  Mr Mo,  aka  Milly Mo.

Anyone interested in giving Mo a home can contact Adele on 0721445914.


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