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5 Loving Cats Need New Homes


Due to personal circumstances, we will be leaving SA at the end of September 2010. We have 5 cats that we need to find good homes for. This is a very difficult thing for us and we are under terrible pressure, leaving our pets is the worst of it all.   Please let me know if you are able to help us at all and if so, what information you would require. In short, this is who they are: 
Sir Jeffrey – 8 years old gray male – neutered. Very quiet and loving
Mr. Ticky – 4 year old gray – neutered. An absolute loverboy who loves being scratched and loved
Fuzzy – very fluffy 4 year old black and white male. Charming but quiet – enjoys stalking birds
Sheena – black and white female, 4 years old – spayed. Likes her own company – playful when it suits her.
Baby – 3 Year old brindle female – spayed. Very shy. Does not like dogs. Prefers adults. Likes to snuggle under the covers when no other cats are around.
They are very precious to us and this is breaking our hearts.  Please can you try to help us.  Anyone interested can contact Adele on 0721445914.


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