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URGENT Help Needed for Puppy’s Operation

Hi All Animal Friends,

We have a serious situation and we need help urgently.  One of the Whiskers and Snouts volunteers adopted an abandoned puppy from an organisation 3 months ago.  Tuesday morning the puppy started vomiting and didn’t eat, last night we had to rush the puppy to Fourways Vet as the puppy started collapsing. The Vet immediately put her on a drip and she was kept overnight.  This morning at 6am we fetched the puppy and took her to a Vet in Boskruin.
This puppy’s life is in danger and they need to operate to remove the blockage in her intestines as soon as possible, we have to pay R1 500.00 today for the operation, we also need to pay R1 571.00 to Fourways Vet, and R3 200 to the Vet in Boskruin.  Total amount:  R4 771.00 (Invoices and Proof of payment will be mailed to you).

We urgently need funs to help this poor puppy, even a R20 donation will help to pay the vet for the operation.
Please REF: MitchOp
WAS Foundation

Branch code: 632005
Account number: 9203876683
Please guys and girls we need your help, you can also help us by forwarding this mail to the rest of your animal friends and family.


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