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SOS! Sterilisation and food needed in Bethulie in the Free State

NCat received this plea from an artist in the Free State. She took in a mommy cat and her babies. They now need to be sterilised, however there is no vet in her town. NCat has tried to arrange for a vet to visit Bethulie over a weekend to sterilise these and other people’s pets (at reduced rates), but thus far we’ve had no luck.

Please see Bets’s plea by clicking this link Bethulie Sterilizations and distribute it as widely as you can to see whether we can get help, since she is desperate. If she cannot have the cats sterilised, she is going to have to have them euthanased, since she can’t afford to maintain more animals on her limited funds.

There are also many animals in the Bethulie township that need to be treated and sterilised.  Perhaps you know a vet who would be prepared to take a weekend trip to Bethulie (accommodation and food will be provided), or perhaps you would be prepared to help NCat sponsor this financially?   Thank you for any assistance you may be able to give.

Banking details: NCat, First National Bank (Branch code 250655), Current account no 62266808983 (Please add the reference “Bethulie”)


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