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Artist or Craftsman?

NCat is a new organisation that has been founded mainly to help existing cat-care organisations countrywide do more of the wonderful work they are already doing. One of the ways we will be helping them, is by funding them. And one of the ways in which we will try to raise funds, is by selling artworks and works of craft on a commission basis. In other words, you give us your work to sell on consignment, and we earn whatever commisssion you are prepared to let us keep.

This means that everyone wins:

You win, because you have a new outlet for your work.

We win, because we earn commission on the sale.

The cats win, because we can help more of them.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, please contact me at, and please would you include some pictures of your work?

Many thanks and purrs


083 327 0365


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