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Lost Puppy – Cape Town


Our 3 month old Yorkie cross, He answers to the name Dave (refer to photo) has gone missing in the Edgemead Area. Cape Town, and im you could please keep  a look out And see if you spot him.  He is part of our family, He is a rescued puppy and  was literally raised from 1 day old as his mother was killed , and has fought really hard to make it.

I rescued him for the animal anti cruelty, him and 4 others , he was the only one that survived,   i was even advised by my vet to have him put down , as  bottle feeding and raising him would be too much hard work.  So When I say he is part of our family I mean he really is , his like our son , well actually he is our son.

I am currently in northern Ireland and have literally arrived here 7 days ago, David is meant to be joining me here in about a week he  unfortunately got out  when my dad  open the front door. So you can imagine how helpless I feel over here. 

So PLEASE if you know anyone who  has seen him or knows of anyone who found a puppy  please, please, please get in touch . there is a R1000 Reward offered. 

Martin 083297 3397 (MY DAD) or


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