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A Bad Start To Life

This little boy is in Pennington, South Coast and desperately needs another chance to a happier life!

Dear animal friend…

I have a sad story looking for a happy ending. I have abbreviated the story for practical reasons.  There is a wonderful courageous dog that needs a forever home.  He was found in Umzinto roaming the streets. First spotted 10 May. Standing in the middle of a busy road with taxi’s and cane trucks whizzing past while he tried to scrape a titbit of food off the white line – he attracted his rescuers attention. with no hair, eyes almost swollen shut, bone thin and so sad.  He was used to the cruelty displayed by humans who would throw rocks, sticks and try kick him.  They gained his trust with titbits and dog food.

With lots of help he was finally caught and taken to the local vet.  His rescuer then agreed to, and has been paying for his recovery treatment. When I first saw him I thought he was in the strays kennels for humane euthanasia as I was sure he could not come back from all his medical issues. I am glad to say I was VERY wrong.  This young male dog is looking fantastic. His hair has grown back and he is ready to get out of the tiny kennel he has been living in for the past 8 weeks. There is no confirmed history on him – no idea if he is good with cats and kids – as far as we know he has never known the warmth of a human hug and a bed of his own.

Medical treatment must be ongoing in the form of Promeris for his treated skin condition to prevent reinfection (his rescuer is prepared to assist with costs).  He is friendly and eager to interact with humans. I would suggest some training for him and his new parents to help ease him into living in a home.  Meet him before you decide.  The pics are tricky as he is so eager for attention he does not want to sit still!!! The before pics were taken +/- 3wks after treatment started. 

If you have a corner in your heart for this beautiful dog call the vet on 039 976 1418. neutering and shots will be arranged at a discounted rate.  For a little more about him call Janna @ (039) 9761986 (home number) or 0765828906 (cell) his rescuer.

Please do your bit for this boy named Angel and pass his story around to help him find his forever home.


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